In this video I share my stories of forgiveness. By Spirit Juice Studios

Please join me in praying for this woman who robbed and shot me in the chest. Pray for her conversion and that she may come to know the incredible love, mercy and forgiveness of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Behind – the – Scenes: Forgiveness Photo Album by Spirit Juice Studios

This is just one aspect of my  story. If you would like to bring this story of forgiveness along with the account of my miraculous survival & recovery  from the shooting to your conference,

please contact me at:

7 responses to “Forgiveness

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  2. Thanks for sharing your journey.

  3. This is amazing, powerful, important and hopeful. Wonderfully lived.
    Thanks for your inspiration!

  4. Cristin Luea

    Thanks, Rose. God bless.

  5. Dave Heath

    Beautiful story and video! Beautiful homily on Forgiveness and its Fruits. You are an amazing young woman! God Bless and may Our Lady and St. Philomena continue to guide and protect you.

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