“Cheating Death and Loving God” – An Article by Tony Rossi “Rosario Rodriguez has cheated violent death twice. In her body she still carries a bullet; in her soul, only forgiveness.”

My most in depth interview yet with Tony Rossi for the  “Christopher Closeup” podcast! Listen to two full podcast’s as I not only share about surviving two attacks but talk about my family, faith and missionary work!

“When Forgiveness is Hard” – My interview with Pat Gohn for “Among Women” podcast where I share my struggle of forgiveness and the emotional stress of surviving two horrific attacks.

Sharing my stories of forgiveness by Spirit Juice Studios

Check out the behind – the – Scenes: Forgiveness Photo Album here on facebook

Available Head shots:

RR - Head Shot

RR Head Shot Youth

*RR Headshot

RR Headshot



2 responses to “Interviews/Media

  1. Tee

    Wow-what a horrible story and yet, through it all, truly incredible Faith.
    As it turns out, I live and work close to that part of L.A. where this terrible incident occurred.
    God Bless You and Your Family and Friends, Rose.
    The only thing more stunning than your beautiful photos is the example You and your Family and Friends set in genuine diginity, class and prayer.

    🙂 Tee

  2. David Rodriguez

    Dear Rosario, I also cheated death in Mexico City in 2000. Recently discovered proof evidence of Guadalupe Virgin appearance in 12/12/1531
    Now, I comprehensively understand and I’m called upon to repeat this to others that are willing to hear it from above.

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