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My 4 Liters Water Challenge

Last week I did the 4 Liters water challenge where I used 4 Liters of water within a 24 hour period for three days for everything! Drinking, cooking, cleaning, bathing, etc… It was a busy week so sadly I haven’t posted about my experience until now. Here’s how I managed to use only 4 Liters of water through photos: Measured out liter by liter

4L - meausring cup

I used  hand sanitizer to keep clean even when I was out and about

4L - sink

I dampened a cloth and used that to clean my dishes

4L - Wiping Clean

All clean! (Perhaps a little hard to tell because of the darkness but I promise it was clean.)

4L- Wiped all clean

Since I was out and about and speaking I wore makeup. How does one take off eye makeup with little to no use of water? I used what I normally use… coconut oil! I applied it on top of the makeup all over my eye, rubbing off the eyeliner and mascara and then used a tissue and wiped it all off. I’ll try to post photos of this later!

The morning after day 2… my greasy hair! 😉

4L- greasy hair

4L- Greasy Hairs

Once again this was a powerful experience and reminder of those who suffer from water poverty and how spoiled most of us are to turn on every facet in the house and have a stream of water at our disposal at any time of day for all the amount we desire!

It’s not too late to donate and bring clean water to those who don’t have any! Please donate here at my 4 Liter water challenge profile!  

I also encourage you to take the 4 Liter water challenge and experience it for yourself!  4 Liter Challenge  For more information go to Dig Deep

Here’s a great article by Dig Deep’s founder George McGraw “When Water Poverty Hits Home”

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Help me combat water poverty!

In a week I’m taking the 4 Liter challenge and am going to live on 4 liters of water a day for two days on October 16th & 17th. Why the heck would I do that, you ask? Well, there are many all over the world and even here in the United States who don’t have access to clean water. By living on 4 liters, the lowest amount of water every person needs to survive on in a day will change how I think about water.

While I’m raising my own, as well as (hopefully) others awareness of water poverty. I’m also raising funds for Dig Deep, an organization that brings clean water to those who don’t have access to clean water. 100% of every donation goes to their water projects, bringing clean water to people all around the world!

To hear about my experience of water poverty as a missionary in Mexico and  why I chose to participate in the 4 Liter challenge you can listen to a radio interview this Sunday, October 13th. Listen in the San Antonio, TX area on The Mess Radio Show on News Talk 550 KTSA or online at TuneIn at 9:30pmEST/8:30pmCST/6:30pmPST

To support me in my 4 Liter challenge visit my 4 Liter profile here. I’ll be posting photo’s and updates during the challenge so be sure to follow along on twitter or facebook!

Feel free to join me in the 4 Liter challenge!

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