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Angelica Unfiltered – Episode 10.a

Angelica gives one of her ‘looks’ at  Central Park, NYC –  July 2011

 Ang-ism: As part of our nighttime routine, I like to play a lullaby from my playlist and sing along while Angelica and I get ready for bed.  Sometimes my choices aren’t the most orthodox for bedtime.  For example, the other night I chose Sweet Child O’Mine by Guns N Roses, which earned one of Ang’s infamous “looks” along with the statement “There is something seriously wrong with you.”

When singing along, I also pretend to play various instruments.  Well, one night I was going from the air guitar to the air drums.  Angelica, who takes adaptive music lessons where she has been learning to play the drums and banjo, rolled her eyes and gave me the “look”.  “Your air instrumentals suck!” she groaned.

I agreed with her, but that didn’t stop my rather pitiful lullaby serenade, air instrumentals included!  Deep down, Ang knows she loves it!

 Angelica plays the banjo – February 2012

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