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Birthday Celebrations

originally posted on Cecilia’s blog:

It has been five months and four days since the incident that drastically changed the direction of my sister’s life. I know I have mentioned the miracle of her survival many times, but it was a defining moment not only in Rosario’s life but in our family as well. Reflecting back, I can see the multitude of lessons and revelations, blessings and miracles. And that’s just skimming the surface. Most of us have barely begun to process the effects of it all because we’ve been focused on helping Rosario through her recovery. As we slowly peel away each layer of discovery, I am confident we will expose a richness and a depth of life we have never before experienced.

So why acknowledge this seemingly random day? Well today is Rosario’s birthday. The events of five months and four days ago have heightened this year’s celebrations of Rosario’s life. Today we are keenly aware of the blessing and miracle that is Rose.

So, here’s to you, dear sister! And here’s to many returns of this day!

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