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splendidly slow

It has been a while since I posted anything regarding Rosario’s medical status.  The good news is she continues to improve splendidly, but slowly.  The great news is she is still complication-free!  Thanks, of course, to your continued prayers!

Rosario hasn’t had the normal physical therapy one might expect after such an intense trauma due to her uninsured status, but she has benefited from the generosity of friends.  One of whom is a massage therapist and is able to keep a watchful eye on Rosario’s muscle tone improvement, at a compassionate discount.

Most of Rosario’s pain, which she still experiences chronically, is on her right side, where the incision was made, and in her lungs whenever she takes a deep breath, yawns or coughs.   Recently, Rose noticed pain on her left side, which concerned her.  She thought there was something wrong with her left lung, but Dad assured her it wasn’t.

“You would have trouble breathing if there was something wrong with your lung,” he told her.  “It’s probably the muscle near your lung.  After all, you did have a tube in there.”

The next time Rosario went for a massage, she mentioned it to her massage therapist.  Maranda felt the culpable muscle and discovered one of Rose’s ribs was out-of-place, most likely caused by the tube that was inserted in the hospital to drain her left lung.  She didn’t notice it before because the pain from the incision was so intense.  Now that it is slowly subsiding, Rosario is able to notice other pain.  I know more pockets of pain is not fun, but it is proof that healing is taking place!

This experience has been eye-opening for all who come in contact with Rosario.  It is difficult for us to comprehend the extent of her injuries and pain. Once in a while, people will try to compare their surgical and medical experiences with hers.  Some do it as a way to almost compete with Rose; others do it so they can relate to what Rosario is going through, still recognizing the difference between their situation and hers.  A few people question her slow rate of recovery, but the doctors said it would take a year.  Rosario isn’t the type of person to mope around, milking her injuries for all they’re worth – she is fiercely independent.  Relying on others hasn’t been easy, but it has been motivating.  Rose has days when she is ready to conquer the world, but the reality of her current physical limitations keeps her from doing so.  Other days, she is exhausted mentally, emotionally and physically.  Still, she does her best to stay positive about life.

On one of Rosario’s ready-to-conquer-the-world days, she made herself lunch: mac & cheese!  It was a HUGE step on her journey back to independence.  Soon, she’ll be whipping out her famous molasses cookies for mass consumption!  Oh, wait – she’s already done that!  Rosario made two batches of cookies over the weekend, with a little help from yours truly.  Pretty soon she will be physically ready to conquer the world – and she will do it with the help of her divinely delicious molasses cookies!

As always, thank you for your continued prayers!  May you have a blessed and holy Christmas!

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