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Prayer Request

Please pray for my massage & physical therapist who experienced a family tragedy today.  I don’t know the details but please pray that she’ll experience the love & comfort of Christ through this very hard time. Thanks!

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Rejoicing In Prayer and Comfort – A Carepage Post

Posted Aug 20, 2009 8:43am

Hello, family and friends of Rosario!

It has been one week since Rosario and Danny flew across the country to surprise the family. I can’t tell you how good it is to be near her. I wish I could be by her side all day, but simply knowing she is about eight minutes away from me is very comforting.

The change of location has not been without its struggles. At Danny’s, Rosario was spoiled. At Mom and Dad’s, she’s entered ‘recovery boot camp’. For example, Rose had the option of taking the stairs or the elevator at Danny’s; Mom and Dad have stairs – two sets! There have been a few other challenges, but Rose has taken them in stride.

Keep the prayers coming! There is still a threat of complications with the esophagus and she is still in a lot of pain where the doctors cut through the muscle and separated her ribs.

While you are remembering Rosario in your prayers, we would ask that you also remember three people we have been asked to pray for:

Stacy (cousin of our cousin, Ron) was hit by a car as she crossed the street. She has multiple fractures at the lower back of the skull. She has a concussion, but it is yet to be known the extent of the brain injury and how it might affect her.

Leopoldo (brother of a woman in our dance group) was very ill from either pneumonia or bronchitis or something similar. He was in ICU for several days.

Gilbert (brother-in-law of a family friend) had a stroke last week and was experiencing paralysis on his left side. They aren’t sure if the paralysis is permanent.

We know firsthand how powerful prayer is! Just look at the miracle that is Rosario. So to be specific, we know how powerful YOUR prayers are! Please continue praying for Rose’s recovery and for these others who are also in need of intercession.

I can’t thank you enough, dear CarePage family! I don’t know how we would have made this far without each one of you! Thank you for continuing to walk with Rosario on this journey!

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