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Keep the Prayers coming for Adam Skorka!

Here’s the latest carepages update on Adam. Thank you for your prayers and please keep them coming!

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Day 12 Pittsburg

Adam had a very rough night last night. Over the past several days he has had tummy pain that comes goes but yesterday it got much worse. He couldn’t tolerate any formula in his stomach for long and we finally turned it off completely in the evening. They started him on IV nutrition (TPN) last night as we give his belly a rest. Over the course of the night his “attacks” of tummy pain got worse and he was up most of the night with it. The morphine doesn’t seem to touch that pain. We waited for a consult from the GI docs all day and when they finally arrived they didn’t have much input. They wanted to put a little different feeding tube in him called a GJ tube which would bypass his stomach but we decided to wait on that because we don’t feel like they are addressing the cause of this problem. Every time a new symptom pops up they treat it with another drug and this poor child is now taking way too many of them.

We are very concerned about this tummy thing and each time he had an attack and we asked for the resident to come see him. But by the time they arrive he is back asleep. I think at one point they thought we were nuts. We demanded a belly x-ray and they did it at his bedside about 3:30am.
We also asked for an abdominal ultrasound and that will be done soon. If they don’t find anything we are at a total loss about what’s going on.

He had his “make-up” brain MRI this morning about 7:00 and is still recovering from that anesthesia. After the MRI while he was still sedated they did the lumbar puncture and bone marrow biopsy so he should be pretty sore when he wakes up. He will also have to deal with a sore throat again for a few days from the breathing tube during MRI.

It has been a very long night and we are just waiting on results at this point. It’s frustrating and scary to not know what’s going on with his belly. And we have been frustrated with the doctors the last few days as each one as his or her own specialty and defers to others when it doesn’t fall exactly in their area. We need one of them to step up and take control and look at the big picture. So far only Joe and I are doing that and I’m thinking we’re probably not qualified to be making some of the decisions that they have left to us…

Please pray for guidance for these docs and for us. This sweet baby needs to not hurt anymore and start trusting again. He’s so paranoid if anyone comes in the room. “What are they gonna do?” “Is it going to hurt?” “Will there be tape”? “When is it done?” It’s just so heartbreaking.

I was able to spend most of yesterday with the kids. I miss them so much and wish I could keep them all here with us. My heart hurt so much when I had to leave them. But my heart hurt when I had to leave Adam, too. When will this end?
Thank you for checking in on us and for your continued prayers.
With so much love for you all,
Katie and Joe

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Last Week’s Appointment – A Carepage Post

Posted Aug 10, 2009 12:30pm

Rosario had another doctor appointment last Thursday. They told her not to come back. Hurray! Her incision and chest wounds are healed, and Rosario has been doing really well off the pain meds. She is allowed to take over the counter meds, drink wine and eat whatever she wants! You can imagine how excited Rosario was to get that news!

She still has a long road of recovery ahead, and unfortunately, the doctors weren’t able to give her much of a time line for her recovery. They said most people who experienced similar trauma to the esophagus did not survive, and Rosario is now their case study. This is again proof of the miracle that is Rosario.

They did caution her about long term care and being aware of acid reflux and any injury to the esophagus that may cause complications. They also told Rosario to take care not to get pneumonia, as it too could cause complications.

Here is an excerpt from an email I received from Rosario’s friend, Melissa:
“This week without medication Rosario has been to dinner, a movie and shopping. She is regaining her independence but still has muscle soreness probably due to the muscle tissue taken to reinforce the esophagus. Continue to cover her in prayer for the physical, psychological and spiritual aspects. Specifically for the esophagus and fear.”

Thank you again for your continued prayer! Be assured that your prayer, individual and collective, make a profound impact on Rosario’s recovery.

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Reality of the Journey – A Carepage Post

Posted Aug 5, 2009 10:58am

Rosario has had some difficult days recently. Some of the side effects from the pain medication had become major road blocks. The decision was made Saturday night, after consulting a pharmacist, a few nurses and Rose’s doctor, to switch to liquid Tylenol for managing her pain.

Coming off the original prescription, hydrocodone, is not without complications. It was a very strong and addictive drug, and her body is now going through withdrawals. Rosario did not know this would happen, which made it all the more frustrating.

Rose has been doing so well up to this point that many of us were beginning to think she was out of the woods, but that is not the case. She is still at risk for complications from the surgery, and on top of that the mental, emotional and spiritual trials are starting to surface.

There is still a lot of healing that needs to take place in all those areas. Every day brings victories and obstacles. Your prayers at this time are more important than ever. Rose relies on them for strength and comfort. Your messages of encouragement are also a HUGE source of comfort. I realize that as time passes, the fervor with which we first prayed begins to fade, but the road to recovery is long, tedious and exhausting. Rosario and her caretakers need your prayers and support as much now, if not more, than before.

So pray, dear friends. Pray with energy, fervor and vigor! Storm heaven with your prayers for Rosario like never before! Continue to ask others to join our ranks.

Rose has said she would not have survived without your prayers. May God answer our prayers that she not only survive these current trials but that she might thrive.

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