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Holding Onto Hope

The last week of Lent is always full of trials and it is easy to lose hope.  But Easter is not off in the distance – it is at our doorstep.  There is still reason to hope!

The legal side of Rosario’s situation has been a looming source of anxiety from the beginning.  Now that the process is underway, those fears and anxieties are magnified.  Rosario faced one of her major fears at the preliminary hearing when she saw her assailant, but she still has many other concerns, particularly testifying at the trial.

There is another legal step – the pre-trial – that will be taking place in April, which means there is still hope that there will be a plea and the case will not go to trial.  This is where you come in, dearest prayer warriors.

Please pray for everyone involved, especially for the prosecutor that she will have wisdom and good judgment throughout this process.  Pray for the defense attorney that he will have wisdom in advising his client.  And pray for the defendant that she will claim responsibility for her actions so there will be no need for a trial.  Pray that Rosario will have peace throughout this next month of waiting.  Pray that she will have the strength to hold onto hope and that she will be rewarded in her faithfulness by not having to endure testifying at trial, which would be much more intense than the preliminary hearing.

Rosario is still in need of much healing, but some wounds can’t be healed until there is closure.  Please join your prayers with ours as we ask God to bring about that closure sooner rather than later and without going to trial!

Beginning next week Friday, you will have the opportunity to join us in the Divine Mercy Novena, which we will be praying for the intentions mentioned in this post and that God will have mercy on Rosario and on the defendant.  I’ll send more information on the novena in the coming days.

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