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A Great Cause in Need of Support

Friends, the wonderful organization ‘Manto de Guadalupe’ is in need of support. They are a non-profit organization with two main goals: 1) To defend life from conception to natural death. 2) Serve the poor in the local  communities and around the world.

They have done incredible work towards their goals and have changed many lives since 2007. (You can read about some of the work they’ve done in the image below) I ask you to please consider donating to them so that they may continue to help many more people. Even just $1 – 2 a month can help them impact lives. I also ask that you pray for this organization and everyone involved. Thank you! .

You can donate here at Manto de Guadalupe’s website.

“Saving Lives, Changing Lives.”

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A Step from Heaven (Con los Pies en el Cielo)

This is a beautiful documentary about Juan Angel Ruiz who had an accident that left him a quadriplegic when he was 16. In this movie he shares his story and outlook on life, believing love and service bring meaning to life, no matter the circumstances. Gloria & Emilio Esefan also share their story of surviving a horrific accident.

Both stories touched my heart and inspire me as I journey on my road to recovery.

“To Love, to live, to smile. Enjoying every moment. For sure, it’s worth it. Life is wonderful. It’s a gift from God. And that to know it and experience it is worth the pain. It doesn’t matter the apparent circumstances. Life is wonderful.”

~Juan Angel Ruiz

Head over to facebook and like the page for ‘A Step of Heaven’

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