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State of Change – Change of State – A Carepage Post

Posted Aug 17, 2009 10:13am

Sounds like a movie title. Maybe it will be. As related before, Rosario went to the doctor a week ago Thursday and her sutures were pronounced healed by the surgeon. She was given the go ahead to travel, which we expected she would do when she felt strong enough in a couple – three weeks.

This past Thursday night, Mom receives a phone call. I’m in the back room of the house checking for updates on CarePages and am only half listening to the one half of the conversation I can hear. It is a call from Danny. “Did you receive the package we sent you?” Sounds odd. We’re always the ones sending packages which take up precious scarce room in Danny’s small apartment. “Did you receive the package?” Felipa says “No, I didn’t see any package.” “We told them to leave it on the front porch, if you weren’t home.” Felipa goes to the front porch and screams, “Oh Rose!”

For a moment, my heart skipped a beat and I thought, “Oh no, not again.” going back to when we got the first call. But then I heard laughter. I ran from the back room through the dining room and living room to the front door. There was Rose and Danny standing there with their cell phone in hand, and Felipa’s cell phone in hers. Talk about surprised! It was pure joy. We couldn’t hug her, but we gave Rose lot’s of kisses, and gave Danny some hugs.

Cecilia and Charles were there, as well, co-conspirators in this California to Michigan journey. They had picked Rose and Danny up from Midway in Chicago and drove them to Grand Rapids. They kept their secrets well; we had no inkling of what was happening.

And so we have been all together as a family again along with our adopted son, Danny, at least for a weekend. Rosario even went to our parish festival and saw many of our fellow parishioners and watched her sisters perform traditional Mexican dancing: baile folklorico. Father José, during a break between the music and dancing, proudly presented Rose’s brother Charles, the seminarian, one of six, diocesan and religious, we claim from our parish, and then recounted to the crowd the miracle of Rosario, el milagro de Rosario. Father described the path of the bullet as the hand God guiding it around her heart and other organs. He also witnessed that Rosario had forgiven the persons who did this and prayed for their conversion. As women wept openly and grown men blinked back tears, Father gave the microphone to Rose. She thanked everyone for their prayers and support without which she would not have healed so fast. Many people came to hold her hand and wish her well. We stayed a while longer in the 90° heat. Rose even ate full taco.

Rosario will be staying with us for about two months to continue healing and get stronger. She still has pain from where the ribs were spread apart for the surgery and where the muscle was removed to patch up and support her esophagus. The prognosis? The doctors say that it will take about a year. Of course, they said she would be two months in the hospital – it was only two weeks. In response to a question about her esophagus healing, the doctors were unable to give an educated answer. They told her that she is the first person they know of to survive such a wound. She will be their test case.

Rosario also needs to get physically strong. I told her she wasn’t going to have it easy any more with Danny waiting on her hand and foot. She was going to “summer boot camp” just like we used to have when they were teenagers with chores and lot’s of physical activity.

So, Danny has successfully handed Rosario off to the family for the next phase. We owe Danny and the other caregivers in L.A. a debt of gratitude that can never be repaid. We will attempt to with our prayers for them. Danny, especially, was Rose’s patient advocate: researching the medications and figuring out what and why and how they were affecting her symptoms and coming up with care strategies that have paid off.

I drove Danny to Detroit, where he will be visiting his family for awhile, and was able to meet his mom and dad, who are delightful people. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree and Danny comes from good stock.

Please continue to pray. We have seen miracle after miracle for which we are grateful. Yet, there will be challenges. Stay tuned for more miracles ahead.

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