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Melanie Pritchard’s Miraculous Recovery!

This is a wonderful article about Melanie’s miraculous recovery! As well as a beautiful picture of Melanie with her gorgeous daughter!!


Thank you for all of your prayers!!! What a joy to be a part of The Body of Christ and together be about God’s amazing work!!!

Also, thank you for all the prayers for my recovery and journey. I too am a product of God’s great miracles and am alive thanks to the power of prayer from the Universal Church! I truly cannot express in words how grateful I am for all of you who have prayed for me a year ago and who continue to pray for me.


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Exciting update on Melanie Pritchard!

Posted 11am AZ time

The latest update on Mel is that she is with her baby Ella right now as we speak…UNBELIEVABLE! My sister and I saw her last night. She is coherent and recognized us and was able to say I love you. She is in a tremendous amount of pain and has a long, long road of recovery from here.”

This update is from http://www.livinggracefully.net/2010/07/29/urgent-prayer-request-melanie-pritchard-in-critical-condition/

At the bottom there are links to websites where you can help support Melanie and Doug!

Here are a couple of other updates posted on livinggracefully.net from yesterday and this morning

9am (AZ Time) 7/30/10 Kemi  “Melanie Pritchard has to be one of the strongest women I know…she has overcome an amniotic fluid embolism, DIC, lung failure and heart failure. The only tube left in her is an iV with saline drip. Incredible turnaround since two night’s ago. She will see her baby for the first time tomorrow morning!!! Continue to pray for Mel, Doug, and their precious children.”

5PM (AZ TIME) 7/29/10 Kemi   posted this update to Facebook with a request for specific prayers: “Pray for a very exhausted husband and father, Doug. Melanie is at one hospital, Gabriella is at another Hospital and Brady is away from both parents for now. Doug is beyond physical and emotional exhaustion, but he’s staying strong for his family. A facebook page and website will be up soon where you can support them with cards, financially, and with prayers. Help spread the word.” I’ll post a Facebook page link as soon as I have it.

3pm (AZ Time) 7/29/10 – John of Arizona Right to Life emailed this note to me today: Just spoke with Melanie’s mom. Melanie recognized her and was alert. She is being weaned off of the medications that were helping her heart and lungs. She continues to need our prayers as there are some additional hurdles – BUT – all is looking so much better. THANK YOU all for your prayers. Our God is a mighty God. He reigns and His mercy endures forever. Give thanks to Our Lord for hearing our prayers and to Our Blessed Mother,all the angels and saints for their intercession. And special thumbs up to St. Anthony and St. Philomena.”

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One Year Later

It will be one year tomorrow (June 29) that we were joined together in a common purpose, dear friends of Rosario. Family, friends, acquaintances and even strangers around the country and around the world united their prayers with those of Rosario’s LA family as they kept their vigil at her bedside.

It was a dark time for Rosario, for our family and for her LA family, but your prayers sustained all of us. We knew we could count on you, Rosario’s Prayer Warriors, during those countless moments when we were so overwhelmed, shocked and numb that we lacked the energy to pray ourselves. We never would have survived without your generous love and support. Your prayers gave us hope and opened our eyes to the miracles that were happening daily.

One year later, Rosario is doing quite well, all things considered. She was originally told that it would take about a year for a full recovery. Over the past few months, we realized the doctors were referring to recovery time for surgery only. Their time frame didn’t include healing from the physical trauma of being shot, not to mention the mental and emotional trauma. She still had quite a ways to go, but is grateful for how far she has come.

The days and weeks preceding the first anniversary have not been easy for Rosario. She asks for your continued prayers in the coming days.

God bless you, and thank you for walking with us on our journey of the past year.

Posted by Cecilia

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Rejoicing In Prayer and Comfort – A Carepage Post

Posted Aug 20, 2009 8:43am

Hello, family and friends of Rosario!

It has been one week since Rosario and Danny flew across the country to surprise the family. I can’t tell you how good it is to be near her. I wish I could be by her side all day, but simply knowing she is about eight minutes away from me is very comforting.

The change of location has not been without its struggles. At Danny’s, Rosario was spoiled. At Mom and Dad’s, she’s entered ‘recovery boot camp’. For example, Rose had the option of taking the stairs or the elevator at Danny’s; Mom and Dad have stairs – two sets! There have been a few other challenges, but Rose has taken them in stride.

Keep the prayers coming! There is still a threat of complications with the esophagus and she is still in a lot of pain where the doctors cut through the muscle and separated her ribs.

While you are remembering Rosario in your prayers, we would ask that you also remember three people we have been asked to pray for:

Stacy (cousin of our cousin, Ron) was hit by a car as she crossed the street. She has multiple fractures at the lower back of the skull. She has a concussion, but it is yet to be known the extent of the brain injury and how it might affect her.

Leopoldo (brother of a woman in our dance group) was very ill from either pneumonia or bronchitis or something similar. He was in ICU for several days.

Gilbert (brother-in-law of a family friend) had a stroke last week and was experiencing paralysis on his left side. They aren’t sure if the paralysis is permanent.

We know firsthand how powerful prayer is! Just look at the miracle that is Rosario. So to be specific, we know how powerful YOUR prayers are! Please continue praying for Rose’s recovery and for these others who are also in need of intercession.

I can’t thank you enough, dear CarePage family! I don’t know how we would have made this far without each one of you! Thank you for continuing to walk with Rosario on this journey!

Posted by Cecilia

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State of Change – Change of State – A Carepage Post

Posted Aug 17, 2009 10:13am

Sounds like a movie title. Maybe it will be. As related before, Rosario went to the doctor a week ago Thursday and her sutures were pronounced healed by the surgeon. She was given the go ahead to travel, which we expected she would do when she felt strong enough in a couple – three weeks.

This past Thursday night, Mom receives a phone call. I’m in the back room of the house checking for updates on CarePages and am only half listening to the one half of the conversation I can hear. It is a call from Danny. “Did you receive the package we sent you?” Sounds odd. We’re always the ones sending packages which take up precious scarce room in Danny’s small apartment. “Did you receive the package?” Felipa says “No, I didn’t see any package.” “We told them to leave it on the front porch, if you weren’t home.” Felipa goes to the front porch and screams, “Oh Rose!”

For a moment, my heart skipped a beat and I thought, “Oh no, not again.” going back to when we got the first call. But then I heard laughter. I ran from the back room through the dining room and living room to the front door. There was Rose and Danny standing there with their cell phone in hand, and Felipa’s cell phone in hers. Talk about surprised! It was pure joy. We couldn’t hug her, but we gave Rose lot’s of kisses, and gave Danny some hugs.

Cecilia and Charles were there, as well, co-conspirators in this California to Michigan journey. They had picked Rose and Danny up from Midway in Chicago and drove them to Grand Rapids. They kept their secrets well; we had no inkling of what was happening.

And so we have been all together as a family again along with our adopted son, Danny, at least for a weekend. Rosario even went to our parish festival and saw many of our fellow parishioners and watched her sisters perform traditional Mexican dancing: baile folklorico. Father José, during a break between the music and dancing, proudly presented Rose’s brother Charles, the seminarian, one of six, diocesan and religious, we claim from our parish, and then recounted to the crowd the miracle of Rosario, el milagro de Rosario. Father described the path of the bullet as the hand God guiding it around her heart and other organs. He also witnessed that Rosario had forgiven the persons who did this and prayed for their conversion. As women wept openly and grown men blinked back tears, Father gave the microphone to Rose. She thanked everyone for their prayers and support without which she would not have healed so fast. Many people came to hold her hand and wish her well. We stayed a while longer in the 90° heat. Rose even ate full taco.

Rosario will be staying with us for about two months to continue healing and get stronger. She still has pain from where the ribs were spread apart for the surgery and where the muscle was removed to patch up and support her esophagus. The prognosis? The doctors say that it will take about a year. Of course, they said she would be two months in the hospital – it was only two weeks. In response to a question about her esophagus healing, the doctors were unable to give an educated answer. They told her that she is the first person they know of to survive such a wound. She will be their test case.

Rosario also needs to get physically strong. I told her she wasn’t going to have it easy any more with Danny waiting on her hand and foot. She was going to “summer boot camp” just like we used to have when they were teenagers with chores and lot’s of physical activity.

So, Danny has successfully handed Rosario off to the family for the next phase. We owe Danny and the other caregivers in L.A. a debt of gratitude that can never be repaid. We will attempt to with our prayers for them. Danny, especially, was Rose’s patient advocate: researching the medications and figuring out what and why and how they were affecting her symptoms and coming up with care strategies that have paid off.

I drove Danny to Detroit, where he will be visiting his family for awhile, and was able to meet his mom and dad, who are delightful people. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree and Danny comes from good stock.

Please continue to pray. We have seen miracle after miracle for which we are grateful. Yet, there will be challenges. Stay tuned for more miracles ahead.

Posted by Dad

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Visit to the doc – A Carepage Post

Posted Jul 16, 2009 8:07pm

Hi all! Rosario’s friend Maggie here! Cecilia gave me the power to send updates! Awesome!

Today was Rosario’s first doctor’s appointment since she was released from the hospital. I met her about an hour before the appointment to get all dolled up! Rosario looks great without makeup and she looks great with it 🙂 She is so blessed!

Danny, Rosario and I made our way to the Speilberg building. After getting all signed in and what not, we sat in the waiting room next to a little kid who told us where the best place to get yogurt is, all the flavors they have and that celebs hang out there. He couldn’t remember the name, but said it’s close to McDonalds and the pet store. Maybe someday we’ll find it and rub elbows with the celebs 🙂

After a short wait, Oscar’s name was called. The first doctor she saw was great. Rosario’s been taking smaller doses of the pain medication because she only had one bottle, but the doctor said she needs to take it to help her get through her breathing exercises and other things such as lifting her arms and making those muscles stronger. So she was prescribed another bottle and Danny will surely push her to the max on those exercises 🙂 The doctor also described what her muscles went through during surgery. It explains a lot of the soreness.

Then Dr.Massimo (don’t remember last name) came in and removed the sutures. He is a lovely lovely doctor. He closed the curtain so we couldn’t see (phew!). Rosario just said “Ouch!” about twice. She was a trouper! She said she truly felt everyone’s prayers. The doctor almost left without removing the sutures on her left side, but she was like “hey, don’t leave, I still have more on the other side!”. I don’t know if those were her exact words, but you get the idea 🙂 Dr.Massimo reiterated that it’s a miracle the way the bullet traveled through Rosario. He said it was like the bullet wove through the vital organs saying “excuse me. excuse me. excuse me.”.

Then Dr.Allins came in and checked her out. He said she looked good 🙂 He said she can incorporate harder foods into her diet as long as she can chew them up til they’re a soft consistency.

The doctor’s also said she will most likely set the metal detectors off at the airport.

By the time we were done at the doctor, Rosario was getting hungry. We headed to Whole Foods and Rosario went inside! It was really a beautiful moment. She said “I’m at Whole Foods. I’m alive.”. It was a bit emotional. I think we both had the potential to cry, but we kept it together and forged on for some groceries!

We got some quiche from the hot foods section for lunch. We took it back to Danny’s place and ate. Rosario did a pretty good job of eating. By this time, she was tired, so I took off and she most likely crashed.

I hope I didn’t miss anything, tell too much, tell anything wrong or confuse you all. Rosario? Danny? What are your sides of the story? Ha!

Keep up the prayers! They work wonders!

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July 1, 2009 – A Carepage Post

Posted Jul 1, 2009 9:15am

Thank you for all of your prayers. I am sitting at Detroit Metro Airport and wanted to give a quick update.

My parents are en route to LA and I will be in the air shortly.

Rosario is no longer on the breathing tube!! Hurray!! She seems to be doing well. An x-ray was taken of her esophagus and it looks really great. The doctors are please with her progress thus far.

She is anxious to see our parents, but is and has been surrounded by an amazing circle of friends. I can’t wait to meet them and thank them in person for the support they have given Rosario and our family.

That is all I have for now. Thanks for your continued prayers.

I will update again when I see Rosario in LA!!

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