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Support Vocations by Helping a brotha (err… soon to be Deacon) Out!

My brother Charles (also known as Chuck) is going to be ordained a transitional deacon on June 2nd and will be ordained a priest a year later.  He’s being sent by the Grand Rapids Diocese to Atlanta to minister to the sick at Emory University Hospital for the summer. The day after he’s ordained he’s planning to leave for Atlanta but as of now he has no car to drive down there and get around Atlanta with so we’re raising funds so he can buy a car. Our goal is to raise $5,000 by May 25th.

You can help support this soon to be man of the cloth out by donating here at PayPal and send your donation to our sister Cecilia’s account at cecilia@danceimmaculata.com She will transfer all donations directly to Charles.  (Unfortunately, we no longer have a way to donate without having a PayPal account)

(Props to Zach for the photo!)

Please pray for my brother and all seminarians, deacons and priests! Thank you.

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