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Sweet Pea Potty Adventures!

Yesterday I traveled from Michigan to New York with two men and a car. During the long road trip we got stuck in an intense traffic jam in PA. After being at a stand still for over an hour I desperately needed a bathroom. About 45 min’s later we made it to what turned out to be a remote exit. A tree/ bushes, napkins from Panera and an umbrella on the side of the road were my only options until… a random port a potty was spotted!!! Thank you Lord for providing me with “Sweet Pea Potties”!!!

Thank you 'Sweet Pea Potties'!!!!

Not only was this Sweet Pea Potty fully equipped with toilet paper and hand sanitizer… we also found these  fancy, girly hand napkins! The two guys said the picture and the quote on the napkins couldn’t be more appropriate for me! I agree 😉 Ha ha…!!!!

"A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous." ~Coco Chanel



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