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Give gifts that keep on giving!

In light of all the gift giving moments this month and next month what with St. Nicholas’s feast day, Christmas, and Epiphany I thought I would share some gift ideas! While times have been tough for all of us there are many who are struggling significantly more than most of us could ever imagine. Many of them are right here next to us in the USA. So perhaps as we’re giving gifts to celebrate these wonderful feast days and holidays we can give a gift of time, material or a financial donation to help those who are struggling in concrete and very helpful ways. You can give on your behalf or perhaps on behalf of a family member or friend. Here are five of my favorite organizations who are all doing incredible work and are looking for donations so that they can continue to help those who desperately need it:

Charity Orgs

1. Dig Deep – You may recognize the name from the organization that hosted the 4 liters of water a day campaign that I participated  in. They bring clean water and education on how to use and live with clean water to those who do not have access. Today they launched THE NAVAJO WATER PROJECT. They are raising money to build a well in Smith Lake, New Mexico. Smith Lake is a Navajo Indian Reservation that suffers from water poverty. Learn more from this video and at their website.

2. The Burrito Project – They meet every third Thursday of the month where they make burritos and then pass them and water out to the homeless on skid row in downtown Los Angeles. For the months of December and January they are having a blanket drive so that they can pass out blankets as well since it’s so cold out now. To donate blankets  contact Alan at BurritoProject1 [at] gmail [dot] com for when/where/how you can drop them off.  Or you can make a financial donation here at The Burrito Project website

3. Manto de Guadalupe – This organization has several different ways that they reach out to the poor and homeless (like leading mission trips and building homes around the world) but in 2010 they opened a new clinic: The Guadalupe Medical Center that provides medical assistance to low – income pregnant women. They provide medical consultations, ultrasounds, analyses, vitamins, medicines, treatments for infertility and high-risk pregnancies among many other services. I was able to take a tour of the medical center a couple of years ago and it’s beautiful to see many photos of the happy women and their babies who have benefited from this wonderful clinic. You can donate here at their website. 

4. Mary’s Meals – They provide meals for children living in impoverished places all around the world so that these kids can attend school and have nourishment. They feed about 822,142 hungry children a day! Watch this moving documentary about Mary’s Meals Child 31 to learn more about the work the are doing! You can donate to Mary’s Meals here.

5. Los Angeles Pregnancy Services (LAPS) – They provide help to women struggling with an unexpected/crisis pregnancy in one of the poorest neighborhood in Los Angeles. They offer pregnancy support through medical referrals and parenting classes.  They also provide information on adoption for clients who want to carry their child, but aren’t ready to parent. They give out diapers, baby clothes, formula, etc… to help these mothers in need. You can sign up to volunteer or you can give a financial donation.

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Giving the gift of food to the homeless for my Birthday

This year as I turn 36 (I know, I know… I can’t believe I’m going to be that old! jaja) on December 3rd I decided that instead of receiving gifts I wanted to give to those  less fortunate than I.  As many of you readers know, every third Thursday of the month I participate in The Burrito Project where we make burritos and then pass them and water out to the homeless on skid row in downtown Los Angeles. Well the third Thursday this month is a couple of weeks away from my birthday and I figured that that would be the perfect way to celebrate my birthday!

If you’re in the Los Angeles area please join me in celebrating my birthday = Thursday November 21st at The Burrito Project!

We ask that if you can, please bring a case of bottled water. Also, this month since the weather is getting colder we’re hoping to hand out socks, blankets, scarfs, and toiletry kits too. So if you have any to donate please bring brand new socks, clean blankets, scarfs, and travel size toiletries (shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrush, etc…) that would be GREAT!!!

Be sure to dress simple = jeans/sneakers. (You’ll definitely want to wear closed toe shoes when walking around downtown.) And completely covered. Ladies, please no low cut tops.

We meet at 7:30pm  at La Iglesia de la Epifania/Church of the Epiphany – 2808 Altura Street Los Angeles, California 90031 to make the burritos and then head downtown around 9pm -ish and pass out burritos until around 11pm – ish.

If you can’t attend but would like to donate the above listed items to The Burrito Project please contact Alan at BurritoProject1 [at] gmail [dot] com for when/where/how you can drop them off.  Or you can make a financial donation here at The Burrito Project website

For the time and place here’s the Facebook event for my birthday and the Facebook event for The Burrito Project this month

Passing out Burritos to the homeless in downtown Los Angels in September 2013

Passing out Burritos to the homeless in downtown Los Angeles in September 2013

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Today is Day 3… that’s right! I’ve extended my 4 Liters challenge!

Thanks to a very generous donor I raised another $100 yesterday for Dig Deep! As promised, I  have extended my 2 day challenge to 3 days of living on only 4 liters of water a day.

Last night was a very powerful night as I handed out water bottles to the homeless with The Burrito Project on skid row in downtown Los Angeles. I always come away grateful for how blessed I am and a concern for all those that we give water and burritos to. I pray that they will know their worth and God’s love for them and with His grace they will come to a better living situation.  We passed out over 600 burritos and about 25 cases of water last night.

While I’ve extended my 4 liter challenge an extra day and on my profile  it says that I’m done,  it’s still not too late to donate to bring clean water to those who don’t have access – My 4 Liters Profile 

Photo: My friend Jose and I at the Burrito Project before making burritos and VERY serious about feeding the homeless… 😉 Then later after we’ve made all the burritos and excited to pass them out.  Just some of the many cases of water we passed out last night.

BP - Jose & water

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